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What is a Dorsal Wrist Ganglion?

A dorsal wrist ganglion is a fluid filled, non-cancerous cyst of the wrist. Sometimes dorsal wrist ganglions are called “bible cysts” because historical treatment involved taking a heavy object, such as a bible, to rupture the cyst (this is not recommended).

Some signs/symptoms of a Dorsal Wrist Ganglion:

A soft, smooth mass of the wrist
Mass at the wrist that can change size over time
Occasionally, ganglions can cause pain if compressing a nerve
If large enough, can restrict motion at the wrist

The cause of wrist ganglions is unknown but can be associated with a history of trauma or overuse.

Your doctor can make the diagnosis with a history and physical exam. You may need an xray of your wrist or additional imaging to rule out other diseases.

Surgical Treatment

Patients generally elect to undergo dorsal wrist ganglion excision when the ganglion causes pain, restricts motion, or becomes unsightly.The procedure will be performed by one of our surgeons specializing in Hand Surgery, and typically lasts about 30 minutes. The dorsal wrist ganglion can be excised under local anesthesia or general anesthesia; you will meet with one of our anesthesiologists, who will discuss how best to make you comfortable during the procedure. At the conclusion of the procedure, you will be transferred to the post anesthesia care unit, where you will be cared for by one of our highly experienced registered nurses.

Non-Surgical Treatment

Since dorsal wrist ganglions are benign, there is no absolute need for surgery. Two non-surgical treatments are: 1) rupturing the cyst with a heavy object or; 2) using a sterile needle to rupture the cyst. However, both of these methods are associated with a high recurrence rate and should only be performed by a medical specialist. The most common non-surgical treatment is observation.

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