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What is a Ventral/Incisional Hernia?

A ventral/incisional hernia is a type of hernia located on the abdomen. When there is a weakness or defect through the muscles of the abdomen, the abdominal contents such as intestines or fat, can protrude out.


 A bulge in the belly area
 A bulge that increases with straining or forceful contraction of the abdomen (such as coughing)
 Pain with activity or with eating (coughing)


 Congenital or from birth – during pregnancy, the abdominal muscles or layers may have not formed correctly causing a weakness in the abdominal wall
 History of previous surgery – incisional hernias can form after surgery if the wounds do not heal properly
 History of trauma – trauma to the abdomen, either sharp or blunt, can cause weakness of the abdominal wall
 Increased intraabdominal pressure – over time, increased pressure inside the abdomen can cause weakness of the abdominal wall. Pregnancy, obesity, and ascites are examples of conditions that can increase abdominal pressure.

Your doctor can make the diagnosis with a history and physical exam. You may need to get a CT scan to better assess your hernia and to help with surgical planning.

Surgical Treatment

Your symptoms should determine how quickly surgery should be performed. If the hernia is non-painful and easily reducible, then the surgery can be performed when it’s convenient for you. However, if the hernia is painful, not reducible, or associated with nausea/vomiting or changes in bowel function, then surgery should be performed on a more emergent basis as this can signify incarcerated or trapped intestine through the hernia.The type of operation depends on the hernia size, location and if it is a repeat hernia. Your health, age, anesthesia risk, and the surgeon’s expertise are also important.

The procedure will be performed by one of our surgeons specializing in General Surgery, and typically lasts about 90 minutes. At the conclusion of the procedure, you will be transferred to the post anesthesia care unit, where you will be cared for by one of our highly experienced registered nurses.

Non-Surgical Treatment

Watchful waiting is an option for a hernia without symptoms. Some patients benefit from using compression garments to help keep hernias reduced.

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