Price: $350

CPT Code: 99205

Diagnostic Visit

If you have not had a medical provider diagnosis your problem, and would like to have your condition evaluated by one of our board certified physicians, this procedure is for you. This simple bundle includes one visit with a doctor that can help provide clarity to the symptoms you have been experiencing.

This bundle does not include any labs or imaging that may be required. We have partnered with several local companies that are able to offer these services at an affordable price, consistent with our bundle.

Texas Free Market Surgery’s Bundle

What is included in this bundle

Facility Fee
Surgeon Fee

What is not included in this bundle

Airline Expenses
Hotel Expenses
Travel Expenses
Additional Diagnostics
Anesthesia Fee
Postop Visit(s) (if applicable)
Diagnostics* (if applicable)
Durable Medical Equipment (crutches, splints)

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