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CPT Code: 19318-50

What is a breast reduction?

A breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty is a surgery to remove breast tissue for functional and cosmetic reasons. Women with very large breasts or macromastia can have symptoms such as:

Back, shoulder, and/or neck pain
Shoulder grooving from bra straps
Recurrent infections under their breasts
Breast pain or sensitivity
Restricted activity due to the size and weight of their breasts
Difficulty finding bras that fit properly
Emotional stress or self-consciousness

Additionally, a breast reduction can be performed for cosmetic reasons if you have significant breast asymmetry due to previous breast surgery (breast lumpectomy, segmentectomy, or biopsy) or congenital reasons.

A breast reduction is not intended to be a surgery to remove breast cancer. However, all breast tissue removed from surgery will be sent to pathology for inspection.

You will meet with one of our Plastic Surgeons who will discuss your medical history and perform a physical exam including taking measurements of your breasts. Depending on your age, you may need a mammogram before surgery.

Surgical Treatment

The procedure will be performed by one of our surgeons specializing in Plastic Surgery, who will determine which breast reduction surgery will be safe for you while meeting your goals. There are two main breast reduction incision patterns. A vertical pattern breast reduction has a surgical incision looks like a lollipop with the incision circumscribing and preserving your nipple areolar complex and traveling below your breast crease.

Breast reduction surgery typically lasts about 2-3 hours. At the conclusion of the procedure, you will be transferred to the post anesthesia care unit, where you will be cared for by one of our highly experienced registered nurses.

Non-Surgical Treatment

Breast reduction is not a surgery that needs to be performed immediately, allowing for some time to make a decision. Non-surgical treatments focus on alleviating symptoms. You can get a custom bra; there are businesses that specialize in custom fitting bras to address large breasts or asymmetries. Physical therapy and NSAIDs can help reduce pain in the neck, back, and shoulders. For recurrent infections under the breasts, strategies that reduce moisture build-up such as powders can be helpful.

Texas Free Market Surgery’s Bundle

What is included

Preop Consultation
Anesthesia Fee
Facility Fee
Surgeon Fee
Postop Visit(s)* (if applicable)
Diagnostics* (if applicable)
Durable Medical Equipment (crutches, splints)*

*Our goal is to include as much of care in our price. Though, there are certain things that are not included. Please see our pricing details page. Don’t hesitate to reach if you have any questions on what is and is not included!

What is not included

Airline Expenses
Hotel Expenses
Travel Expenses
Additional Diagnostics

**While we do not include the cost of hardware or implants, we provide an invoice of this cost prior to the surgery at cost- we do not mark the cost of implantables.

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