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How Cash Pay Surgery Works

Welcome to Free Market Surgery by Texas Medical Management, your concierge healthcare provider of cash pay surgical procedures in Texas. We offer competitive, transparent healthcare prices on surgical procedures across a broad range of specialties, both outpatient and inpatient. Our surgeon and anesthesia provider partners are peer-selected based on their quality and reputation. They deliver high-quality, affordable, convenient surgical procedures in one of our five accredited surgical facility partners located in Austin and Houston.

New Patient Guide

Get Diagnosed by a Specialist

Patients must be diagnosed by a physician of the appropriate specialty or sub specialty with all recommended imaging and testing on file before a procedure can be scheduled.

If you have not been diagnosed, contact your patient coordinator at the # below and we'll schedule you an appointment with a preferred surgeon or specialist for a cash fee (>$200) that is deducted from your quoted procedure price. 

Already diagnosed, out of state, or international? Depending on your situation it may be easier to get a diagnosis in your current location. Keep in mind, a Texas Medical Management Specialist must confirm your diagnosis through medical records (X-Rays, tests, and other imaging as necessary) and a pre-operation appointment prior to surgery. 

If you have questions, please call us at (512) 275-6471 where a receptionist is available 24/7. Patient Coordinators are available weekdays 7AM - 7PM CST.

Why Pay Cash for Healthcare?

Texas Medical Management is a value based healthcare provider where specialists and facilities are incentivized to optimize outcomes while patients only pay for what they need. We are where specialists find the freedom to treat patients the way they know best without corporate healthcare quotas breathing down their neck.

With soaring health insurance premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket maximums, many patients find themselves paying thousands through their deductible and co-insurance when there are price transparent procedures available right now.

This is an affordable solution that eliminates the middleman insurance and high overhead facilities from the cost equation. So when nearly 25% of Texans on their employer health insurance have deductibles $5,000 or more, this new approach to healthcare is poised to impact Texans for the better.

See how TMM's cash price compares to publicly available pricing in Austin, TX for Inguinal Hernia Repair (groin):

BSW Lakeway Price (Total Cost): $21,649.50

FAIR Health In-Network Insurance Estimate: $17,965.00

TFMS Cash Hernia Repair Price: $4,500.00

Who else benefits paying cash for healthcare?

  • If you want transparent prices, no surprise bills, and concierge healthcare at a fair price.
  • If you're uninsured, been refused coverage, or hold a catastrophic policy, you're in the right place.
  • If you're an employer, adviser, or TPA looking to reduce healthcare costs and increase your bottom line. Learn how you can provide free procedures for your employees.
Find a Surgery Bundle

View our big Surgery Price List. Or search via the search bar in the menu for 100s of procedures from varying specialties in Austin and Houston, Texas. Contact us at 512-275-6471 for assistance as many of our bundles and specific variations are not posted online.

Contact your Patient Coordinator

If you've found your procedure and are happy with our transparent prices, connect with a patient coordinator at 512-275-6471. If you can't find your procedure or have questions regarding your procedure, we will be more than happy to help give the answers you need!

A receptionist is available 24/7 by phone. While your Patient Coordinator is available 7am-7pm on the weekdays.

Our team will do their best to address your questions and concerns, as well as ensure you receive your care in a timely manner. A Patient Coordinator is available to guide you through your treatment. 

Provide Medical Information

In order to fully understand your current condition and schedule your pre-operation consultation, we'll need to receive important health information (x-rays, MRIs, test results, etc) from you and your provider. Simply follow the link to our easy-to-use form. 

New Patient Form

Meet your Specialist and Qualify for Surgery

Once our team receives the appropriate health information a preferred specialist will analyze your medical records and imaging, and schedule your pre-operation consult.

A $200 consult fee must be paid prior to your pre-operation consult. Please note this fee will be deducted from your procedure cost!

Depending on the totality of your situation and needs, your specialist will provide you an opinion. Here's common opinions that we see:

  • Recommendation for surgery
  • Recommendation for a different surgery
  • Inconclusive: Testing, imaging, or examination required
  • No surgery necessary
  • Rejection: Too high risk for anesthesia - ASA Level III or more
Priority Scheduling and Travel

Your Nurse Concierge will assist with scheduling your appointments at a time and date convenient for you. If you wish to have your procedure performed urgently, please speak to your care coordinator about priority schedule. 

For those travelling domestic or international, your Nurse Concierge can recommend hotels and chauffeurs whom were commended by previous clients.

Patients are responsible for their lodging and travel costs. View our pricing disclaimer to learn more.

...And did I mention that you guys gave me a $1,000 refund? That blew me away. I saw the envelope and was terrified to open it because I thought it was a bill, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Sarah B.

So, very, very, very, grateful that you all responded to my desperate email and rushed me in the same week. Dr Fass found, when he cut into me, that my gallbladder was almost gangrene, one the of the most infected he had ever seen. You all may very well have saved me from a far worse situation than gallstones.

Brady W.

I went into this process with a lot of apprehension because it was a major procedure for my daughter, and because I did not really know what to expect while wanting the best of all worlds (i.e. fair out of pocket cost, high quality surgeon, and efficient handling of the situation by the providers involved). I have been thoroughly impressed with the level of service we have received from the TFMS staff, the doctor’s office staff, and most of all Dr. Kilbride.

Lee L.

Honestly, the whole experience went very well. Everyone was very nice and all my questions were answered. I have nothing negative to say and if I need surgery in the future I’ll be giving Texas Free Market a call.

Rigo F.

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