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Surgery Bundle Guide For New Patients

Welcome to Texas Medical Management, your provider of surgical procedures in Texas. We offer competitive, transparent prices on surgical procedures across a broad range of specialties, both outpatient and inpatient. Our surgeon and anesthesia provider partners are peer-selected based on their quality and reputation. They deliver high-quality, affordable, convenient surgical procedures in one of our five accredited surgical facility partners located in Austin and Houston.

New Patient Guide

Find a Surgery Bundle

Search via the search bar or menu for 100s of procedures from varying specialties in Austin and Houston, Texas. If you cannot find a bundle that meets your needs, contact us at 512-275-6471 for assistance as many of our bundles are not posted online.

Contact Your Nurse Concierge

If you know what bundle you need, or just have questions, call us at 512-275-6471. Available 24/7. Our team will do their best to address your questions and concerns, as well as ensure you receive your care in a timely manner. If you have a preferred specialist, please make your Nurse Concierge aware of your selection. Your Nurse Concierge is available to guide you through your treatment. 

Provide Medical Information

In order to qualify you for the surgery, you'll need a second opinion from one of our specialists. Simply fill out the electronic forms below.

Patient Questionnaire
Medical Record Transfer Request

Qualify for surgery

After the forms are submitted your surgeon will analyze your medical records to confirm your diagnosis and recommend one or more options. For a variety of reasons these options may include:

  • Recommendation for surgery
  • Recommendation for a different surgery
  • Rejection: No surgery necessary
  • Rejection: Too high risk - ASA Level III
Priority Scheduling and Travel

Your care coordinator will assist with scheduling your appointments at a time and date convenient for you. If you wish to have your procedure performed urgently, please speak to your care coordinator about priority schedule. 

For those travelling domestic or international, your care coordinator can recommend hotels and chauffeurs whom were commended by previous clients.

Patients are responsible for their lodging and travel costs. 

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Questions? Give us a call at 512-275-6471

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