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Diagnostic Hysteroscopy Cost in Austin Texas

High deductible? No Insurance?

Save with an all inclusive Diagnostic Hysteroscopy Surgery Bundle

Are You Considering a Diagnostic Hysteroscopy? Here’s What You Should Know

We take your interest in your health seriously. At Texas Medical Management, we emphasize quality healthcare for all of our patients. Since we’ve opted to sidestep the health insurance industry, we’re able to focus more of our time and attention on providing high-quality healthcare at affordable cash prices. 


Our practice is proud of the work we do to provide women with the latest research on women’s health and the most innovative treatment options. We also work to educate our patients and want to give you all the answers you need regarding improved reproductive health, including hysteroscopic procedures. 


If your doctor has recommended a diagnostic hysteroscopy for you, this article will help explain any questions or concerns you might have. Please call our office at 512-275-6471 to set up an appointment.


There are two kinds of hysteroscopy: diagnostic hysteroscopy and operative hysteroscopy. Here we’ll be discussing diagnostic hysteroscopy and the purpose, recovery time, and cost of this procedure. Please also see our FAQ section, where we address most major concerns you might have.

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Diagnostic Hysteroscopy Cost All Inclusive Cash Surgery

Surgery Bundle Info

What's in the bundles?


  • Pre-Op Consultation
  • Specialist Fee
  • Facility Fee
  • Anesthesia Fee
  • Post-Operation Visit(s)*
  • Durable Medical Equipment*
  • Rehab*
  • Facility Overnight Stay*


  • Initial Diagnosis
  • Airline Expenses
  • Hotel Expenses
  • Travel Expenses
  • Additional Diagnostics
  • Hardware/Implants**

*Our goal is to include as much of care in our price. Though, there are certain things that are not included as they may not be necessary for the procedure or for other reasons. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions on what is and is not included! Please see our pricing details page for more immediate info.

**While we do not include the cost of hardware or implants, we provide an invoice prior to the surgery at cost - we do not mark the cost of implantables.

Our Bundles Vs. Competitors'

Here's how All Inclusive Bundles and Transparent Pricing size up

doctor bundle
doctor bundle

Don't see your procedure here? Contact us so we can help.

*All bundles and prices are subject to our pricing policy. View our pricing policy for more information.

  • One Bill Guarantee

    Our bundles are so smart you pay only one bill. No surprise billing. Period.

  • Price Transparency

    We are committed to providing as much care in our price so you get what the doctored ordered. 

  • Hand Picked Surgeons

    Specialists love working with us because they are free to spend the necessary time with you.

  • Premium Facilities

    With modern surgical centers across Texas, we are equipped to provide 100s of procedures.

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