Texas Free Market Surgery - Providing Competitive, Transparent Prices on Outpatient Procedures

Leadership Team

Sean Kelley - Founder & President

Sean Kelley

Founder & President

Sean brings decades of business experience, and has more than a decade of experience in healthcare. As President he oversees the organization, and directs Texas Free Market Surgery in fulfilling its vision of delivering high quality care at an affordable price.

Patrick Kelley, M.D. - Plastic Surgeon

Patrick Kelley, M.D.

Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Patrick Kelley is a graduate of Baylor College of Medicine, and is trained as a pediatric craniofacial surgeon. He holds numerous clinical and faculty appointments, and is an actively practicing surgeon. As Chief Medical Officer he oversees clinical decision making at Texas Free Market Surgery.

Lars Hegstrom - Founder, Technology & Data Chief

Lars Hegstrom

Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Lars has a background in big data, and software development. He is a first year medical student at the Dell Medical School at the University of Texas at Austin. As CTO, he manages the technology that powers Texas Free Market Surgery simplification of healthcare delivery at the right cost.

If you are responsible for paying a large amount of your healthcare costs, are concerned about the rising cost of healthcare and want to know the cost of your procedure upfront, you have found the solution, Texas Free Market Surgery.

Our mission at Texas Free Market is to deliver the highest quality care at the lowest possible price. It’s why we come to work everyday.

What makes us different is what makes us good for you. Texas Free Market Surgery is a partnership between the best surgeons and innovative business partners with a vision to supplant a broken healthcare system with a new innovative model that delivers the best care at affordable prices for patients and families.

Bad medicine adds a lot of cost to healthcare…costs we all unnecessarily bear. To fix this, we only hire the best providers and they are in charge of your care. This simple concept is clear to patients but unfortunately is not so clear to everyone in healthcare!

We cut out loads of unnecessary costs by removing the middleman and eliminating the complexity and the high cost of bureaucracy. We share those savings with you and your provider.

Complexity adds even more cost to healthcare… To address this, our team cuts out the middlemen and unnecessary steps, simplifying the process and driving down costs.

Texas Free Market Surgery has a list of procedures available today and our list of providers and procedures is growing everyday. If you don’t find your procedure listed, contact us or check back regularly. We strive to provide the full range of procedures that can be performed safely and efficiently in our facilities.

Join the revolution today!


Everyone now has a choice! Employers, Employees, Brokers and TPAs will love it! Contact us today to learn how to save 30% to 60% on outpatient surgical procedures.

Texas Free Market Surgery is your Free Market Medicine solution in Texas for surgical procedures. We offer competitive, transparent prices on surgical procedures across a broad range of specialities, both outpatient and inpatient.

Our surgeons and anesthesia providers deliver high-quality, affordable, convenient surgical procedures in one of our three accredited surgery facility partners:

  1. The Hospital at Westlake Medical Center,
  2. Westlake Hills Surgery Center and,
  3. Pinnacle Surgery Center (our newest partner facility in Central Austin).

With practice locations and facilities across the Austin area, Texas Free Market Surgery is providing the best care at a fair price.  Check out our prices using our easy-to-use pricing tool to see an updated list of our transparent prices; if you don’t see your procedure on our list, we have hundreds more, so just give us a call at 512-275-6471.  Contact us to learn how we can best help you.

What We Do

–  We only work with the best surgeons and anesthesia providers who operate in our accredited facilities.
–  Our surgeons know how to deliver a great clinical outcome and patient experience.
–  Our job is to bundle up everything the surgeon needs into one single cost, cutting out loads of hassle, admin costs and out of network risk.
–  Our bundles are designed for you, the patient, to make it easier for you.
–  One simple payment, no hidden fees. We call it transparency.
–  Our prices are up to 60% less than those incurred in Managed Care networks.

Roughly 40% of Americans owe collectors money for times they were sick.

Texas Free Market Surgery Lobby
Texas Free Market Surgery - AAAASF-Accredited Ambulatory Surgery Center
Texas Free Market Surgery Lobby
Texas Free Market Surgery - Board-Certified Surgeons & Anesthesia

Media Requests

Thank you for your interest in Texas Free Market Surgery. If you are a journalist or producer with questions about Texas Free Market Surgery’s “transparent pricing”, please call 512-275-6471, or email [email protected]. In order to ensure a timely response to your inquiry, please include your name, outlet and deadline in your email.

Texas Free Market Surgery - Providing Competitive, Transparent Prices on Outpatient Procedures

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