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If I had one big reason for recommending a friend, it would be that I paid you guys ONCE, and never really saw another bill.  With sinus surgery at Seton Northwest I had FIVE different bills, then it had to be done over, and I had five MORE bills, and spent twenty-five hours on the phone fighting the insurance company to get them to pay items that should have been covered.  I get more stressed over getting those envelopes in the mail than I do about the actual surgery!

And did I mention that you guys gave me a $1,000 refund?  That blew me away. I saw the envelope and was terrified to open it because I thought it was a bill, and I was pleasantly surprised.

I went into this process with a lot of apprehension because it was a major procedure for my daughter, and because I did not really know what to expect while wanting the best of all worlds (i.e. fair out of pocket cost, high quality surgeon, and efficient handling of the situation by the providers involved). I have been thoroughly impressed with the level of service we have received from the TFMS staff, the doctor’s office staff, and most of all Dr. Kilbride.

Lee L.

So, very, very, very, grateful that you all responded to my desperate email and rushed me in the same week. Dr Fass found, when he cut into me, that my gallbladder was almost gangrene, one the of the most infected he had ever seen. You all may very well have saved me from a far worse situation than gallstones.

Brady W.

Honestly, the whole experience went very well. Everyone was very nice and all my questions were answered. I have nothing negative to say and if I need surgery in the future I’ll be giving Texas Free Market a call.

Rigo F.

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